Hello and Hi!

I’ve had a love for language all my life but teaching English wasn’t a planned event. After a long communications career on Wall Street in New York City, I began leading writing and creative communications workshops in America and India. I also began travelling across Europe and when I decided to move to the Czech Republic, teaching English was a natural progression.

According to me, the best way to speak a language is simply by speaking the language, even if you make mistakes. My teaching focuses on conversational speech, on pronunciation and on how the sounds of English are produced. This helps a student speak English with confidence and it makes it easier to understand English speakers – I know the value of pronunciation and everyday conversation because I’m currently navigating my own language journey in Czech!

Apart from English, I speak French and Hindi. In addition to English language lessons in Písek, I also lead communications workshops in Písek, Prague and Tábor.

Co vám nabízím

Individuální a skupinové lekce angličtiny

Příprava na různé anglické zkoušky - TOEFL, Cambridge a maturita

Teach a teacher – advanced English language courses for Czech teachers

Kurzy pro děti - hodinka angličtiny pro děti

Workshopy - správné psaní anglických textů, Business English apod.

On-line výuka angličtiny